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Estelle Brodeur

About Estelle Brodeur

I am a Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach and an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach. My professional background expands beyond coaching, encompassing three decades of expertise in wellness education, counseling, nursing, and group facilitation with degrees from the University of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition to coaching, I orchestrate Laughter Yoga RVA, a group that promotes wellness using the practice of unconditional laughter.

As my client, you can expect lively, challenging conversations that identify barriers, create resiliency, develop goals, and secure healthy habits. I give audiences of all ages the skills to create possibility in their lives, fostering their personal health and well-being.

What I provide my clients

  • A dynamic partnership that move towards statisfying & health lifestyle changes.
  • Techniques for heightening personal awareness.
  • Help identify obstacles towards achieving change.
  • The tools to achieve change (such as Mindfulness Meditation, Laughter, Expressive Writing, Guided Imagery & Movement)
  • Methods to identify what changes to prioritze, and why through the Integrative Health Coaching process.
  • A forum for them to express their health concerns through coaching sessions over the phone.
  • Additional Integrated Health resources for making healthy behavior changes.

What to Expect

For best results, I work with individuals for a mininmum of 3 months, or 9 sessions, including a free 20 minute introductory session.

These sessions can be over the phone, Google Hangout or Skype.

Which have helped my clients

  • Effectively communicate with boss and coworkers
  • Explore new career options and identify talents, skills, hopes
  • Make weekly attainable goals towards longer term goal
  • Identify ways to exercise and incorporate more movement into the day through enjoyable activites.
  • Articulate their vision of health and what they value, so they can change because they want to
  • Understand a bit about how the brain and body work in the stress response and how to decrease that, which helps us make better decisions moment by moment
  • Use mindfulness skills into everyday life thus more aware of choices for actions
  • Identify why they have not been successful to date at reaching their goal
  • Utilize innate creativity to enrich their lives
  • Live with more ease

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