Laughter’s Anchor



How important is laughter? Most of us don’t have to take long to remember a time when we lacked it. Most of us also immediately can cite who we laugh with, or who we long to laugh with again. When we were children, we belly laughed all the time, even hundreds of times per day when we were very young.

Did you know that you don’t need a sense of humor to laugh? That’s the premise of Laughter Yoga. Some say the more you laugh, the more you laugh. It is also said that one can’t laugh and think at the same time. I realize that might be scary for some, but for others, a relief! To turn off our minds for a while and increase our bodies natural endorphins. That’s what happens when we laugh.

There is some pretty amazing stuff about Laughter Yoga and it’s benefits. Here’s a tiny sample.

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