Planting for Now

Budding Up
Budding Up

When we planted the tiny brown twig several years ago, we couldn’t foresee a bounty crop of figs three years later, and the cold of last winter that shrunk the healthy tree by about sixty percent. Those luscious fruits provided Mom’s fig preserves, many warm-off-the-branches treats, as well as a few baskets to neighbors. What we did know when we planted the twig was that we love digging in the dirt, listening to the birds, watching things grow, eating plants.

I read an article Sunday that reminded me of this harvest as well as recent client conversations about core values and how those guide our decisions. With all worthy and effective coaching parlance around goal setting, I appreciate author Carl Richards’ nod to the combination of specificity and flexibility when building a life—or one’s financial future.

How will you allow what you hold most dear and precious to steer your decisions, in spite of not knowing?


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