Restorative Views

North Carolina View

Where  do you look for renewal?  I often return to vistas captured in my camera…many times of mountains. Perhaps it’s because I was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, running through the woods, bathed in fresh air and country dirt. The mountain photo on this site’s home page was taken as my husband and I stood at the entrance to the Shining Rock Wilderness in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest. It’s grounding for me to look at the blue hues and remember…the day of hiking, the clear sun on a warm July day, insect  sounds, a hawk overhead, and the majesty and breadth of those old hills. So, the restoration comes from not only the experience itself with my favorite hiking partner, but the memory, wrapped in all the years of walking on trails, starting from my early days as a young girl walking on soft beds of pine needles, laid down from generations of tall trees, swaying in the breezes, strong in the moutain soil.