Testimonials for Estelle Brodeur


on International Coach Federation, Virginia Charter Chapter presentation, 3 Ways to Invite Movement in Coaching: Tools for Momentum, Inspiration, and Change: “Estelle had the audience smiling ‘til our faces hurt, laughing out loud, and reflecting deeply, all within minutes as she demonstrated how movement can help coach and learn. While the information was invaluable, no one else could have brought it to life like her. Estelle the speaker is as fabulous as is Estelle the coach: positive, moving and authentic.”–Tom Davidson, Leadership Nature, PCC, SPHR, CSP

Estelle Brodeur created a program with me targeting employees who are working and providing caregiving support to family members. For anyone who has been in this role, the words wellness, wholeness, health and balance can seem elusive at best. Estelle’s career focus,  professional development and innate skills allowed her to easily translate her teachings and passion for wellness for this audience. Her training to become a certified coach from the Duke Integrative Medicine program helped propel her further into the necessity to share her wisdom among any individual or group seeking to create more wellness in life. The introduction of the Wheel of Health as a guide gave program participants an opportunity to look at “Small and Powerful Ways to Build Health”. Through her warm and positive manner, she aptly demonstrated to participants the key elements of setting a spark to one’s goals,  identifying barriers and striking a power pose to Connect and Commit to what one determines are key priorities in life to achieve wellness and peace.   There is no person who could not benefit from the laser strong zeal that Estelle can bring to a coaching role in life.  Everyone will leave her program saying “I’ll have more of that please”–GD, Virginia, 2015

Writing down your feelings does work – a great outlet! — participant in Journal Writing for Health at the Chickahominy YMCA, Virginia



I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching experience with Estelle. It helped me focus and challenge ideas in a supportive and nurturing relationship without judgement. I appreciated her perspective and ideas to help me gain insight where I felt ‘lost’.–E.F., Texas

I’ve worked with Estelle on a number of my personal goals at different points in my life. The first time Estelle was my coach, I was in college. She helped me uncover the real me that had gotten ‘lost’ somewhere along the road of new friends. The second time, I was facing three major life events—marriage, a cross-country move, and a brand new career. Her encouragement and thoughtful questions helped me to make decisions on my own and stop the self-doubt. She’s an incredibly insightful woman and a great coach to have in your corner.—Becca

Working with Estelle, a life coach was a new experience for me. I felt scattered by life and it’s many challenges and changes. A friend recommended life coaching and the rest is history!  Estelle and I worked together to set appropriate goals. She asked the “right” questions and then really listened to my responses. She helped me to recognize my own issues, which was very enlightening and more meaningful when that “light bulb” finally flashed! I learned to rethink and reassess priorities and therefore to function more effectively. I have a brighter outlook and feel less burdened. I recommend Estelle and her life coaching skills. She’s calm, cool, encouraging, available and has a wonderful sense of humor. I looked forward to our sessions and feel more at peace as I continue on my life’s journey.—Lynette A.

I met Estelle 5 years ago through Laughter Yoga and was instantly drawn to her warmth and genuine zest for life. As a Laughter Yoga leader, she has a fantastic ability to create a safe and lighthearted space for spontaneity and playfulness. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Estelle through both group and individual coaching. As my coach, I so appreciated Estelle’s ability to help me look inward with clarity and self-love. I still build on the techniques I learned from her and people who love me say I’m more confident and content. Most recently, I’ve had the pleasure of practicing yoga under Estelle’s guidance. She is focused on the unique needs of each person in class and brings her warmth and light-hearted spirit to the yoga mat. Estelle is a lifelong learner and I have benefited tremendously from her passionate and gentle teaching—from articles to TED talks, practicing mindfulness and journaling, or just following her lead. My life is more intentional and robust. Thank you so very much, Estelle!—Sarah B., Virginia

After working with Estelle, she has helped me realize that I am capable of what I set my mind to.  When we started my sessions I was in a funk, and since then I’ve been working toward making behavior changes.  As time progressed I started to notice the changes feeling like I hadn’t done much to create them.  It has been amazing how I look forward to our sessions, and always leave feeling confident and happy.  Through our discussions and setting goals along the way I have been able to change the way I think about myself and others day to day.  Working with Estelle was definitely a great decision for me, I’m so thankful and she is wonderful!–KLV, Virginia

Estelle is an astute, caring and thoroughly delightful coach.  In our weekly sessions over the course of several months, she helped me navigate through some personal, career, health and relationship challenges. Her skill at shining a beacon on key words and patterns in a way that is always comfortable, sometimes playful, and gently empowering, led me to valuable insights about myself and situations that I previously felt were beyond my control. The rhythm of our sessions was always dynamic, yet calm and focused; once an issue or goal was revealed, Estelle would gently prompt me to define a strategy to address it or an action step to achieve it. The greatest strength and benefit of the coaching partnership for me is the accountability factor – the motivation and commitment to make things happen each week, the joy and satisfaction that follows when I do, and celebrating those successes with Estelle! The greatest measure of the impact of coaching with Estelle is how I am now able to manage challenges and master behaviors from a place of clarity and confidence (and laughter), and how the many powerful metaphors that came out of our sessions continue to serve as signals that guide me on my path each day. Through my coaching experience with Estelle, I have learned how to put myself first so I can give more to others; how I can achieve much more by doing less; and how to live my life one mindful, joyful breath at a time. — DSN, Connecticut

I have been working with Estelle Brodeur as my personal Health Coach for the past six months. Aside from being very personable, with great sense of humor, I have noticed a number of changes in myself. I have lost weight and have become more focused and aware through meditation. We practice meditation at each session and I also do it myself. I now work with a personal trainer regularly, and have taken exercise from a kind of painful drudgery to something I look forward to and enjoy! Wow, that was a great change. I FEEL much better inside. I have learned that if I make myself accountable to another person(s), then I am highly motivated to follow through and keep my commitments. I have learned that if I have decided upon a certain goal, she will work with me to design a methodology to accomplish that goal. She helps me to “think outside the box”, by looking at problems from many different perspectives. Estelle sets a good example for her clients by following a healthy lifestyle. I know that she exercises regularly, she meditates and follows a program of whole food plant based nutrition. I also found out that she teaches laughter therapy, which is something I need to investigate. Finally, if you choose Estelle as your Health Coach, you will be very pleased with yourself and surprised at what you have become.—CJD, orthopedic surgeon, Oklahoma

After struggling with meeting a major goal set for two years, I decided to work with Estelle. In a little over three months, I have made great progress towards my goals of gaining a healthy, fit body. Estelle has held me accountable, helped me to look at things differently and be more accepting of the unique person that I am. Without her help I would still be talking about my goals without any action!–Kris Boyd, Virginia

Let me begin by saying without Estelle my life would still be spiraling out of control. In the six months that she has been my Life Coach I have overcome leaps and bounds from where I was. My outlook of life itself, my attitude, my personality everything has changed. I smile more, laugh more, forgive more and I BREATHE more. Estelle’s methods of coaching are impeccable. She has opened my eyes to a whole new ME. Before, I was not sure where in life I fit in, now I know and I am on team “Heather”. It was hard for me to see through the thick cloud that was hanging over that everyone else was on team Heather too. I look so forward to our meetings every week. I love that every time we talk there is so much laughter, compassion and thoughtfulness, I am full of joy and ready to take on anything after our conversations. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Estelle being my life coach. Life Coach…. that says it all. She gives you new life and it is AMAZING!!–Heather Carder, Virginia

With changes in my work life the last year that affected me both mentally and physically, I reached out to friends for conversation and guidance. While the conversation and input from friends was great, I felt I needed more guidance to better understand me and what I was after or thought I was after. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first and subsequent Coaching sessions with Estelle; counseling, therapy? I learned quickly working with Estelle, I would be communicating what I wanted from the Coaching sessions with her guidance. Estelle made it easy for me by spotting key words or terms I used in my conversation. By focusing on words used in each Coaching session I noticed somewhat of a pattern which helped me realize what I was looking for is all around me. I was spending so much time in what I thought I wanted causing unnecessary stress in my life. Estelle’s Coaching techniques in allowing me to figure out my vision, values and finding focus helped me open up and be honest about where I want to be and when. I discovered what I’m doing today truly makes me the person I am and want to be now and going forward. I will continue learning about myself by being aware of my surroundings (what’s new or available for me to continue to grow), what’s important to me, and what makes me happy. I look back at the PHP (Personalized Health Plan) Estelle had me complete at the beginning of the Coaching sessions and was surprised how negative I was in my responses. At that time, I felt I was stuck in a box and now that box has opened.–Val, Virginia

I have just completed five months of coaching with Estelle and what a game changer! She helped me find my joy and “true” self as well as how to be in the moment. She helped free me from going full tilt down a path of “doing” and perfectionism and slow down enough so that I could finally “show up” for my life, just “be” and embrace the now. My fear, anxiety and stress have diminished ten fold and I have stopped all antidepressant medications thanks to her coaching me through meditation, mindfulness and loving kindness blessings. Estelle is compassionate, bright, creative, funny and immensely genuine. My five months of coaching with Estelle, provided personal growth and happiness far beyond any type of traditional therapy or self help book and at a much faster rate of change. Partnering with Estelle and her mind/body/spirit approach to health and well being was the best investment of time and money that I have ever made! Awesome! –Marybeth Matthews, Virginia

Thanks to Estelle’s coaching, I have accomplished a better work and life balance, feel a renewed freedom towards change and have made great strides in bringing physical activity back into my daily life. As a result, I’m no longer “on the clock” and I’ve made other “off the clock” activities a much higher priority. After our four months of coaching sessions, there’s been exponential improvement to my health through small behavioral changes, all of which I continue to improve and benefit from. Estelle has helped cultivate my new enthusiasm for optimal health! — P.A.V., Virginia

Through my work with Estelle I have made some profound and lasting changes in my outlook on life, relationships and work. Instead of focusing on how to avert, manage and plan for the next crisis, challenge or worry, I practice self-reflection, appreciative inquiry and being present with others. With Estelle’s coaching and encouragement, I have rediscovered strengths, gifts and activities that bring pure happiness to my days. I have moved away from the “shoulds” of life to the absolute freedom and joy of possibilities, aspirations and lightness of being. This internal work has been mine but Estelle has been a catalyst, a trusted and confidential coach, a teacher and a mentor to me throughout my journey. She knows how to hold that mirror up to my face with a gentle, encouraging nod that says “you are enough.” — Susanne Gregory, MPH, Virginia

If someone told me dragonflies, adventure, breath and laughter would be part of my personal coaching experience a year ago I may have looked at them like they had two heads. The truth is I really didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that Estelle was the kind of person who wouldn’t offer any kind of service unless it was worthwhile, and I was right. My work with Estelle has helped me bring energy and joy into my personal and professional life. Her approach is direct, compassionate and creative and I’ve truly enjoyed my experience. — Anonymous, Virginia

Estelle helped me realize that I do not need to change myself, but instead my way of thinking. She helped me become more confident and strong, and less judgmental and anxious; a healthier way of living. — Anonymous, Virginia

My Life Coaching experience with Estelle has been so positive and uplifting! Estelle has helped me to clarify both personal and professional goals, revisit and embrace accomplishments, and forge forward with a “‘new found energy”. Estelle’s soft but powerful, directed observations and questions have allowed for self introspection and discovery. I am so happy that I chose Life Coaching with Estelle, it has really been life enhancing! — Christina Dhir, Virginia

After I reached the goals I set for myself in my teens (go to school, get a job, figure out how to save money, etc), I kept finding myself asking…”now what?” I want to learn to live in the moment, be content with me, and purposefully seek out joy in my life. Estelle, you’ve given me new tools that have increased my self awareness, decreased my anxiety, and helped me visualize my goals. Thank you so very much for this experience! — Sarah Broughton, Virginia

Estelle seemed to just ask the right questions and gave me options to help me get back in touch with my heart and desires. Now, I am able to think about situations differently through her keen observations. Thank you for your guidance, Estelle. — Kristin Jo Freed, Forest VA

I’ve had best friends whom I confided in and I’ve had my share of counseling sessions over the years, but I had never experienced having a person fully engaged in what I was saying with specific goals (which we had determined) to help guide & direct my thoughts. The support and encouragement that Estelle offers is invaluable. She helped me quell the self doubts that were plaguing me as I was moving through this time of major decisions and life changes. I was always renewed and encouraged after a session with Estelle. I would highly recommend Estelle…she’s insightful, articulate, forthright, creative, funny…you will laugh a lot! — Tina A, North Carolina

I am so grateful for Estelle! From our work together, I have begun to rediscover joy, and found myself asking and answering questions that I had not anticipated when we first met. Her enthusiasm and support, combined with well-placed challenges, have reawakened some of the old creative inspirations and ambitions that had fallen away over time. I am becoming the best version of myself and am finding balance along the way, certain as I do that I could not have managed it without Estelle’s guidance and laughter. The journey has become more and more of a celebration, and I can thank Estelle in large part for that. — Liz Greving, Virginia

Through my work with Estelle I have given myself permission to let go of the past and focus on the future, both in regard to old beliefs and the clutter that has accumulated in my home. I am putting plans into action. I am finding the act of choosing to be empowering. Wow! I really am BRAVE. — LP, Virginia