Your Water Center

Ocean's Edge
Ocean’s Edge


This summer, I’m appreciating the generative qualities of water. Water symbolizes life itself, as well as flexibility, fluidity, flow.  Often our ideas are borne near water. Have you ever noticed that some of your best thoughts and images spring forth while simply bathing, showering, swimming, or brushing teeth?

Time spent next to a lake, pond, river, or ocean is valuable. If that’s not possible for you this summer, what is possible to bring more water qualities to your life, such as evenness? Do you yearn for still waters, or ebb and flow, or more forward movement? When you are aware your day rolls more like water, what behaviors or attitudes do you embrace to allow that?

OK, so water is my theme for the summer. What’s yours? Themes with earth elements are centering, grounding, strengthening. Other unifying themes are fire, earth, and air. When do notice you need more of one kind?

Click on the link below to experience a bit of water.